How to Use Your Brain

I’m coming to realize how easy it can be for me to formulate well over 600 words in a blog post or an email… when formulating a coherent and impressive statement of purpose for research within a similar realm of requirement is much more daunting. There are outlines to follow. Buzz words to touch upon. Impressions to be made. Researchers and admission directors to woo.

I love the brain, space, the expansiveness of both, and I desperately want to KNOW what exists in both places – something that won’t happen in my lifetime sadly. I’ll keep hoping… But how to impart the passion of simply wanting to KNOW everything and anything I can get my hands on or wrap my brain around is not easy with word limits.

However, I think if I could simply include the following, things would be simpler. My plan ultimately will be to use my research, my imagination, my passion for all things nerdy, to give talks like this… Enjoy.


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