Uncommon Sense

There is an epidemic. It is a resurgence of an attitude.

I’ve debated with friends and family whether this is a generational issue or not, but it feels to me that each generation must have it’s share – those with no common sense.

There are times that the prevalence of this illness appears most dominant in areas of suburbia. There are always exceptions to the rule, but this is my observation. Little in these little hamlets and offshoots of a greater metropolitan area seems to promote basic understanding and common sense. From driving skills, to manners, to child rearing, to awareness that other people exist on the planet… in a way it reminds me of the lackadaisical style of not the baby-boomers but the generation between them and their parents. Not knowing something is one thing and often an excuse for behavior. BUT… Knowledge is a privilege but common sense is a courtesy. There is no excuse for simply being clueless.

Another question is whether this issue is something related specifically to countries and continents – again a logistic problem. It all depends on the circles in which you travel. Is uncommon sense more common in Europe? Is it found in world focused nations and lacking in more capitalistic and nationalistic self-centric countries? How do we promote a thought process of awareness?

Similarly this is a problem I found as far back as middle school. Subjects are taught, not thinking. Through middle school and high school, I remember being hard pressed to find teachers who wanted you to actively think and process and learn. Most teaching styles are focused on rote. Learn this, know this, don’t think about it. University tends to be one of the few times that we learn to THINK rather than know or remember. SO perhaps the issue of uncommon sense stems more from schooling? It’s unclear.

Where do you find common sense lacking the most?



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