Gallons and Goals

I’m exhausted.

The energy I had surging through me all of 15 minutes ago has evaporated with a whooshing sound that was my cat pouncing on my hand as I began to type. Thus, this entry may be more an exercise in how quickly my thought process can jump, skip, and hopscotch to the point than perform a task clearly and concisely. But, when have I ever been clear and concise anyway.

I set extremely lofty goals, fall somewhere short, and give up. I also tend to sabotage myself before I even get started – partially by setting lofty unattainable goals. Realistic goals? I’m really not sure what language you’re speaking. Run that by me again?

I loved the idea of my own photograph accompanying a meaningful quote that I enjoy. When tacking up this to-do for myself I failed to realize that the computer I am now using is relatively new, the last having succumb to the death rattles of a 7 year old portable hard drive in a well travelled and well abused MacBook Pro. So. How does that have anything at all to do with my to do? Where oh where have my photographs gone, oh where oh where could they beeeee! On an external backup drive is what I’m hoping but it’s daunting, let me tell you. The backup drive (err, ONE of the backups) is 2 TB… the other is 4 TB. While I’m tempted to reference Die Hard’s math problem of water in a jug to defuse a bomb, I’ll tell you that I’m looking at about 4 TB total of backup data to be sorted through. I’m not completely sure if this is better or worse than going through the boxes of 35mm and prints because I actually have lost count of THOSE and I don’t have a handy way to “⌘i” to find what’s what. No handy search bar on those relics.

So I’m realisticifying (when in doubt make shit up) my goal to something a BIT more … hah … realistic. Attainable. Manageable. Doable on the list of to-do. If I can match my own work, YAY! If I can’t, credit will always be given and hopefully I can find some obscure art or photographs to bring attention to! Even better!

Attainability of goals plays a very large part in success. Plan to lose 40 pounds? Wow, that’s daunting and it isn’t going to happen over night. It’s a long haul and a life style change and a lot of work. The misstep often made is in failing to break down that larger goal into manageable chunks and milestones. Milestones matter. Milestones provide the psyche with feedback and a reward cycle that is crucial for success and behavior modification. My fortnight of fluids attempt was somewhat derailed for several reasons including illness, but also fell victim to loftiness rather than having gradual attainability.

So while I hunt up some quotes and photographs to share while they elude me… consider this and I’d love to know if you can find a way to make it happen: create more attainable goals. Your first step, upon establishing what your goal IS, would be to break it down. Cut it in half if it is time based, maybe into quarters… and reward your hard working self at each milestone. You’re more likely to continue on your journey because you will reinforce that YOU CAN DO IT!


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