To Sleep

…perchance to dream, and not about weird work situations and locations and people. I may enjoy what I do, but I prefer that it doesn’t follow me into my non-waking hours. I prefer the more surreal fantasy of dreams, somewhere to escape to and rejuvenate and relax. Some very absurd people I have known have stated how sleep is for the weak. Personally, having witnessed firsthand just what sleep deprivation can do to someone, I say that sleep is for the mentally stable and well-balanced.

Haven’t you ever noticed that not enough zzz’s leaves you worse for wear? Irritable, annoyed, short tempered and generally peeved with the world at large. People tend to want to avoid you when you’re tired, and it isn’t just those zombie style dark circles underneath your blood-shoot and potentially brain hungry eyes. Your fuse is short and you bite heads off (possible it may be the zombie virus at work instead of sleep loss). All the little sounds of the day are like jackhammers in your head and have you holding your ears, and rather than speak you utter unintelligible moans like the undead. You listlessly shuffle and meander your way through the day instead of picking up your feet like a normal member of society. Maybe your shoulders are hunched and you hang your head, staring blankly at the world. You can’t get your dinner because you forgot how to use doorknobs. You find yourself with a new oral fixation that doesn’t seem to be satiated and sometimes want to gnaw on your own arm.

Okay, so it’s possible you are a zombie and not just sleep deprived. Maybe you need a quick shot of caffeine to the blood stream, or you may just be wondering what your co-worker’s brain tastes like. It’s possible sleep and caffeine could cure all those zombies that Rick and his band of “walking dead” survivors are constantly trying to evade. Just imagine what all those hordes of undead would be like after a nice night’s rest instead of all that shuffling and grumbling around from dawn to dusk and through those dark hours of the night. They would probably still hungry for brains, but I bet those dark circles under their eyes would be a little less menacing.


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