Muddling is an absolute requirement of any truly delicious beverage. Some of the best margaritas I have had were hand-muddled with lemons and limes. I recently tried a delicious drink which I discovered to be the national cocktail of Brazil – Caipirinha. It is made by muddling lime and sugar before adding cachaça. Amazing.

But when it comes to writing and thinking, I’m not a fan. My brain feels incredibly muddled! There is an overabundance of processing that cannot fully be formulated. My inability to be succinct is leading to a rambling train of thought about a billion drafts of different ideas and stories.

Focus is extremely eluding at this exact moment and there is a runaway train in my head with too many tracks to jump. Too many opinions, experiences, feelings to choose from.

So muddled it is. Muddled I will be. I blame a three day weekend. Now hand me a margarita, because it’s Monday.


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