Day 1 of Water Logging

There may be a drought, but I’m thirsty. And I was honest about not being able to go without my doppio. So I also picked up a water on my way to work this morning when I made my usual stop at Starbucks. I’ll to have to remember one of my reusable bottles tomorrow. I find it easier to track how much I drink. And oddly enough I’m more likely to drink water from a bottle than a cup or glass. Maybe it’s the part of me that is still a whiney baby who wants her bottle? But according to my mom I wasn’t a whiner until my 20s… So that theory’s out the window.

Anyway, I was going to be all cute and make a little pictomentarymabob (totally a word)… because isn’t that just adorable and more attention grabbing? Sure.

The goal is a gallon a day, and 1 US gallon is equal to 128 ounces. I googled it. I’m saving you the google. So here we go….


1 bottle (23.7 oz) down before lunch time. Had a grande iced doppio also so that had my thirst somewhat quenched or I’d have finished it sooner. Nope, coffee doesn’t count but worth mentioning because DELICIOUS!

one bottle down! 23.7 ozs and I’m still excited to do this self challenge


Bottle 2 got super boring and bland already. It’s water. Duh. Easy to forget to take a picture because the excitement of the 48th ounce lost its luster. Really, who thought this was a good idea? Ugh. Water. Does “fake it til you make it” apply if you’re imagining your water is vodka? Still sucks.


Late lunchish time around 2pm and I had to make an adjustment for bottle 3…

this zesty beauty is bigger than it looks!
a little bit of lemon made things a bit easier and a lot less boring. usually by now i’d be having a soda!

Half way through the 4th bottle and I don’t think I’ve ever had to pee this often in my life. On the plus side, I can’t smell this mornings coffee anymore. TMI? Probably… But tame as dani style TMI tends to go.


5:33pm and it’s the end of my work day. Just finished the 4th bottle.

I think I’ve had to pee at least once an hour compared to the days where my liquid intake consists of a coffee, a soda, and 1 water bottle. I’m only talking about my day until the end of work right now as I do tend to indulge in maybe another soda, some water or whatever floats my proverbial boat after the work day. And those days of barely being hydrated have me going to the restroom maybe two or three times total before I go home for the day. Wowsa. Again, the TMI I could share would be a good indicator but I’ll let that slide for now. Lucky reader!!

I am now also realizing that I had about 26 ozs of iced black tea with some lemonade and 2 splendas… so although it is almost all water, in the spirit of fairness I am only putting half towards my water count.


At 6:06 I walked in my house desperate to pee and hadn’t even had another sip of water yet after that 4th bottle. WILL IT EVER END??? If I’m gonna continue this, maybe I’ll invest in diapers so my coworkers don’t accuse me of slacking off due to my constant potty breaks! Ew. Tmi again? My bad.

The count is still 4 though and I’m off on some errands. Pretending that I’m going on a long road trip, I’m halting the water intake for a bit so I’m not hopping from bathroom to bathroom on my way! But since I told myself I’d succeed on day 1, I am bringing this torturous plastic with me.


Well. Phew. I did it. And I made it home in time to pee again. 5th bottle down and that makes the gallon for my first day!!!!!

happy but a little tired of water….
ok so I’m actually excited its over… wait this is just day 1

In total that makes 132.5 ounces….. but…. while finalizing this, some idiot out of habit put another glass of water in my hand (oops that might have been me) and so that tops me up at 140.5 ounces.

I’m definitely calling it a night so I don’t wake up to wee til morning.


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