Water Logged

Over the past several years I gained more weight than I would ever care to admit. Numbers on the scale be damned. Sizes on my jeans for that matter, too. We can attribute my growing persona to a cellulite cocktail of terrible grief, a disastrous relationship where his eating habits contributed to my own, laziness, occasional injuries, love of all things food (of course) and all sorts of maladies or misadventures. Food could be blamed, but let’s be honest. It’s all me. Because mmmmm food. And carbs? Oh yeah. Gimme. Is that a baguette??

Before I go off on a daydreaming cloud of sugary sweet cotton candy… *ahem*… I came across an article recently about a woman who did her own experiment with drinking water, water, and water. Sounds smart. It really shouldn’t be that tough. Why didn’t I think of this!?!?

I’ve been known to not drink enough water and have a tendency to get dehydrated. Lately, I’m getting migraines almost daily. And while the migraines have legitimately been attributed to stress by my doctors, I’m sure my habits of replacing clean water with coffee or tea or soda or some other sort of beverage isn’t helping. If only they could solve those fluorescent buzzing bulbs above my desk at work, that might do it too.

Because my caffeine intake is a bit on the higher side, I don’t plan on completely trading out every soda or every coffee for water. Let’s not get crazy here. Dani needs her doppio. My plan is to drink a gallon a day and start reducing the other drinks. The hope is that it will help my health in more ways than one. So let’s find out!

I’ll be keeping track of my progress through my fitbit app and reporting here in a separate little sectioned category. Water Logged. It’s okay, I know exactly how heavy handed and cheesy that is. But don’t get me started on cheese.


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